Cololight Setup

Welcome to the Cololight Setup. Here we list the steps to set up your new Cololight. By the end of this quick guide your Cololight will be up and running. It’s a fast one so let’s go!



Step 1
i. Search for ‘Cololight’ and download the app (iOS and Android).


Step 2
i. Connect the usb power cable and snap it onto a tile.

Snap the usb power cable onto the tile.

Note: Once you attach the power cord, it will most likely stay there forever. I tried removing it but decided not to because of the way it was secured. I was afraid that I would damage the socket.


Step 3
i. Launch the app and create an account. After your account is created, log in.

Create an account and log in.


Step 4
i. Next we want to discover the Cololight. To do that, tap on the top left menu botton. Select ‘+ Add’.
ii. Select your WiFi network and type in the password.

Add a new device.


Step 5
i. Connect the Cololight to a power source. You should immediately see the Cololight light up.
ii. Next press firmly and hold the touch-capacitive button for 7 seconds. A green light will start flashing.
iii. Release your finger and tap on ‘Next’ on the app.

Press and hold for 7 seconds.

Step 6
i. The pairing process is started.

Pairing in progress.

Step 7
i. Name your Cololight.
ii. The Cololight setup is now complete. Congratulations!

Name your Cololight.


Setup Completed

You can now start having some fun. Do remember to check out Jumpadevice’s review of the Cololight here.