Cololight Review

The Cololight is the a smart light fixture that gives you the freedom to be creative. Made by the company LifeSmart, who has some smarthome products under their belt, the Cololight is their latest offering. Today we review it and by the end of this review you’ll have a rough idea on whether to get one.

[Disclosure: We reached out to LifeSmart and they were kind enough to send us a Cololight unit. This is not a paid review. All views expressed in this review are solely of the writer. We would like to thank LifeSmart Malaysia for sending us this unit. ]



The basic unit comes with a stand, power cord, and three tiles. The tile is pentagon shaped and is no bigger than your palm. More tiles can be purchased separately.

Left: Power strip connected to a tile. Right: Base stand.
Back view:  In the middle are the holes for the wall mounts. On the side are the pins for the connectors.
Side view.
Top view.



Head here for the setup.


Features – Select your colours

The main feature of the Cololight is to display colours and light effects. There is a preset of 14 colours that you can choose from and selecting a colour is just a simple swipe up or down. You can choose more colours from the colour picker. In this section you can set Hue, Purity (Saturation) and Value (Brightness).

Features – Select your effects

There is a preset of 9 light effects to choose from. Below are some video samples of the Cololight in action.

If you would like, you’re also able to create your own light effects. Here you can customise three things: Colour, Speed and Pattern. The outcome and effect will vary based on the number of tiles and their arrangement.

Features – Voice assistants

Voice assistants are also supported with both Google Home and Alexa. You could give commands like “Alexa, turn on myCololight” or “Alexa, set myCololight to blue”.

Features – Sync with music

With this feature, the Cololight will ‘perform’ according to the music that’s being played. Do note however, that this isn’t a full featured implementation like Philips Hue. Instead of detecting sound right from the source, the Cololight app uses your phone mic.


Usage and Performance

Usage and Performance – Colours and lights

I was very impressed with the Cololight. The first thing you’ll notice is how smooth the lights flow. I expect this coming from more established companies like LIFX or Nanoleaf, but LifeSmart has really caught me by surprise. The fun part comes in designing the tile pattern. Depending on how many tiles you have (max 19), you can let your creativity go wild. And the saying “The more the merrier” applies here.

More tiles equal more fun.
Get creative!
Usage and Performance – App

Using the app (iOS & Android)  was intuitive and straightforward. Changing from one mode to another was easy and the Cololight response was near instant. One aspect that I really appreciate was having the Cololight to remain on the same setting when it is turned back on. Although this behaviour isn’t automatically enabled, you can do so by tapping on the top right button menu on the home screen and selecting ‘Save effect’.

One peculiar behaviour is this: If the Cololight is currently on, launching the app will override whatever the Cololight is displaying with the default light effect in the app. A minor annoyance which I hope can be fixed with a software patch.

Another area of improvement is accessing the main controls (On/Off, dim settings, etc).  At the moment, it is hidden under another menu instead of being displayed on the main screen.

Usage and Performance – Build Quality

Overall build quality is satisfactory.  The tiles are solid and are joined securely via the connectors. The only area of improvement is the base – it has no weight.  Even with four tiles, I could easily push or topple it over, what more 19 tiles. Logically speaking though, I think most users would have it wall mounted if they plan to have more than 10 tiles.

Usage and Performance – Voice assistants

The icing on the cake is compatibility with Google Home and Alexa. I have an Echo Dot so I immediately tried it out. The Cololight responded almost immediately after every command which has left me even  more impressed.


Where to buy


For readers residing in Malaysia, we recommend to see below.


You can purchase the Cololight here:


Final Thoughts

The Cololight has exceeded my expectations by a mile. You’d think that coming from a company that I’ve never heard off, the Cololight would be buggy or iffy. But that’s not even the case.  In fact, LifeSmart has really put together a solid working product that works out of the box and even integrates with Google Home and Alexa.

The area that the Cololight shines is the customisation and creativity. What you get is versitiliy – up to 19 tiles, an option to have it wall mounted or standing, and the ability to create custom light effects.

Who is this for? The Cololight is for those that want to enhance their interior space without burning a hole in their wallet. Compared to other similar offerings from LIFX and Nanoleaf, which costs an average USD$250 respectively, a four tile Cololight unit with the base would set you back $37. That there is already a huge plus point.

Do I really need it? No you don’t, but  it’ll be fun to have one. Think of the Cololight like a modern day lava lamp – you won’t use it everyday but only once in a while. Its most perfect for setting the mood at social gatherings, parties or even just quiet evenings where you laze and let your mind wander about.

All in all, the Cololight is a recommended product by Jumpadevice. We love it, and we think you will too.

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