Bcase T’UP Magnetic Cable Desktop Organizer Unboxing and Hands-On

Unmanaged cables are an unpleasant sight and untangling them can be very frustrating. That’s why there’re cable managers in the market. Today we will look at one from Bcase. The T’up is a magnetic cable manager that organizes your USB cables for a more pleasant view.


Looks and Unboxing

T’UP box.

It consists 3 clips, and 2 bases. These clips hold the cables and magnetically stick to the base. This base is is to be put on a flat surface and is held in place via a double-sided tape.

The base.
The standard clip.
Side view.
The bigger size clip.
The standalone/multipurpose base.
Top: ‘Cherry wood’. Bottom: ‘Walnut wood’.



The main purpose of the Bcase T’up is to keep your cables in place. We start with the standard size clip. The diameter is big enough to hold standard sized USB cables. For bigger cables (i.e. braided) or flat cables, the bigger size clip is used. Once you have secured the cables, the clips magnetically stick to the base.

Before: Messy
After: Less messy.
Before: Tangled.
After: Untangled.


Usage and Performance

For the most part, it worked as intended.The smaller clips housed the standard diameter cables nicely. The bigger clip also housed the thicker cables (i.e. braided) well.

Works with braided cables.

The other thing I liked was the standalone base, which is meant for only 1 clip. You could use it for cables, but I found it more useful as a multipurpose ‘dock’. You can attach anything to it if it has a ring/key chain. So, think of keys, flashlights, etc.

Alternative way to hang your keys.

So onto my main gripe – the magnetic strength between the clips and the base is weak. This is fine if you don’t move the cables much, but I’m certain in your everyday activities, you’re bound to move it in one way or another. And all it needs is an effortless tug and the clip just comes off.

I think this is due to the type of metal used. I’m no engineer or chemist but the side of my CPU has a stronger ‘sticking strength’.

If only they had used this material for the base.



The whole point of a cable manager is to hold the cables in place. Overall, it falls short due to the weak magnet strength. I found myself constantly putting the clips back into place throughout the day. On the positive side, I do like the function of the multipurpose base. It felt cool having to hear the ‘click’ sound whenever I placed or removed my keys from the base.

Who is it for? If your environment doesn’t involve moving cables, then you can consider it. But if you’re constantly grabbing cables (for whatever reasons), then the T’up cable manager is not for you.


Where to buy

Even though I came away less than impressed, there may be people who would like to try it out. So, I have put the link to purchase below.


The Bcase T’UP Magnetic Cable Desktop Organizer can be purchased at Lazada here.


International readers can head to AliExpress to purchase.
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