How to link Ambi Climate with Alexa

Welcome to the guide to link Ambi Climate to Alexa. At the end of this guide, you will be able to command Alexa to control your air conditioning. Let’s go!


Let’s Link It

Step 1
i. We need to add the Ambi Climate skill to Alexa. To do that, launch the Alexa app, and at the main menu select ‘Skills & Games’.
ii. At the skills search bar type in ‘Ambi Climate’. From the results select ‘ambi climate smart home’.

Select ‘Skills & Games’.
Type in ‘Ambi Climate’.















Step 2
i. Next tap on ‘Enable To Use’.
ii. Enter your login credentials and sign in.

Tap on ‘Enable To Use’.
Sign in with your login credentials.















Step 3
i. Tap on ‘Allow’ to grant permission.
ii. Amazon Alexa and your Ambi Climate is now linked.

Tap on ‘Allow’.
Amazon Alexa and your Ambi Climate is now linked.















Step 4
i. Next close the login window and head back to the Alexa app. There will be a prompt to discover devices.
ii. Tap on ‘Discover Devices’. A new thermostat will be discovered – this is the ambi climate device.

Tap on ‘Discover Devices’.
Ambi Climate is discovered.















Step 5
i. Setup is complete!
ii. For this example, I’ve named the location of my ambi climate device as ‘Back room’.
ii. To test it, I could say “Alexa, set Back room to 26 degrees (celsius).”

Setup complete.