What is Alexa whisper mode. How to enable it.

Alexa has a feature which enables her to whisper. You’d think that it’s amusing – it is, but it’s actually really useful.


What is Alexa whisper mode

Alexa whisper mode enables you to whisper commands to Alexa and let her reply in a whisper. Why do we need this feature? Let’s take a look at the following scenario: It’s late at night and you’re relaxing on the couch while your family’s asleep. How do you quietly give Alexa instructions without waking everyone? Well, you could lower the volume. Or you could whisper.

Here’s a video of Alexa in action:


How to enable Alexa whisper mode

Step 1
Give the command (at your normal tone) “Alexa, enable whisper mode”.

Step 2
Alexa will respond stating that the whisper mode is enabled.

Step 3
Anytime after this, Alexa will respond in a whisper if you start whispering first.


Whisper away

So now you know how to enable the whisper mode, go forth and start whispering!