Google Home Mini spotted at Gamers Hideout.

Fancy a Google Home Mini? And by any chance living next to a Gamers Hideout branch? Good news. You can pop by to take a look and even buy one!


Google Home Mini

Left and Right: Chalk and Charcoal models.

Getting your hands on a smart speakers are hard to come by in Malaysia. Rarely do retailers carry it let alone display it at their shops. A recent trip to 1 Utama though caught us by surprise when I saw the Home Mini displayed at Gamers Hideout; both black and white. Before this I only managed to spot the original Google Home at All IT Hypermarket at Digital Mall.

Of course you could get one easily online via the various shopping platforms. But nothing beats seeing it in the flesh! Does this mean smart speakers are gaining traction in Malaysia? It certainly looks that way.

Pricing of the Home Mini on the Gamers Hideout website.


Price and Availability

On the Gamers Hideout website, the Google Home Mini is going for RM209. You could purchase it on their website or head to the physical store.