Don’t overcook that salmon. The June oven is here to help.

June is a smart oven that aims to cook your food down to a T. How does it do it? Let’s take a look.


June Oven (2nd Generation)

The June oven looks like a normal oven, but its inside where the stuff happens. June’s got a computer controlled cooking system that collects data from parts of the oven; energy efficient carbon-fiber heating elements, two convection fans, a precise platinum wire temperature sensor and a high-precision (±0.5°F) glass bead food-thermometer. Size wise it has a 1.0 ft³ capacity (12″x16″ pan) and can fit an equivalent 12 pound turkey or a 12″ pizza.

The June oven.

Get this, it even has an internal HD camera so that you can constantly view the state of your meal through the app (iOS and Android). According to the website information, the camera is able to stand temperatures of up to 500F (260C). Peering through the glass to check on your food? Pfft, so last century.

Control the temperature and other features from your phone.

Built onto the glass door itself is a 5-inch LCD touchscreen. It’s here where you access the various controls and options to cook your meal. I just wonder about the practicality of touching the screen given your fingers aren’t the cleanest after preparing the food. Also worth mentioning is the ability to work with Alexa. So you could give commands like “Alexa ,tell June to preheat to 350°”.

Select various options via the touch screen.


Price and Availability

The June oven is priced at USD$599 and shipping is only to the US at the moment. For more information on the june oven, head over here.