Xiaomi Yeelight Tunable White (YLDP05YL) Setup

Here we have the setup guide for the Xiaomi Yeelight Tunable White (YLDP05YL). It’s pretty straightforward and it won’t be long.

[Important: Setup is from the YeeLight app. Not the Mi Home app.]



Step 1
i. First unbox the bulb and twist it into the light socket. Ensure it is turned on.
ii. Next download the YeeLight app (iOS and Android). Launch it and tap on Login.

The Yeelight app on the Play Store.
Tap on ‘Login’.















Step 2
i. There will be a prompt to select a server to connect to. In this case, the recommended server is Singapore. I’m located in Malaysia so naturally I chose Singapore.
ii. Next sign into your Mi account. If you haven’t registered, you can do so here.

Select ‘Singapore’.
Sign into your Mi account.















Step 3
i. Next tap on ‘Add Device’ and select ‘LED Bulb II (White)’.

Tap on ‘Add Device’.
Select ‘LED Bulb II (White)’
















Step 4
i. Next turn on the bulb.
ii. There’ll be another prompt to access location permissions. Tap on Allow.

Switch on the bulb.
Tap on ‘Allow’.
















Step 5
i. After discovering the bulb, enter your Wi-Fi password for your bulb to connect to your network.

Your bulb will be discovered.
Enter your Wi-Fi password.
















Step 6
i. Give it about a minute to connect.
ii. After it connects successfully, you can now control it via the app.

Bulb is connected to the network.
You can now control the bulb.














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