Sony WF-SP700N Setup

Welcome to the setup guide of the WF-SP700N. By the end of these quick steps, you’ll be up and running with the WF-SP700N.



Step 1
Turn on your device’s (mobile, tablet, laptop) bluetooth. Next, take the WF-SP700N out from the casing. As soon as you take it out, it will automatically power on. If you’re not sure whether it’s on, put the left earbud in your ear and long-press the button until you hear a “Power On” or “Power Off” voice.

That short vertical line above the power symbol is the button.

Step 2
Continuing with the left earbud, press and hold the button for 10 seconds. While still holding, the led indicator will stop for a few seconds. Keep your finger on the button. It will eventually blink red and blue, like a police siren.

Step 3
While the lights are blinking, go back to your mobile device and you should see ‘WF-SP700N’ appear on the list. Tap on it to connect. Try to play music on your device and you should be able to hear it on the earphones!

The WF-SP700N is shown after discovering it.
This is what you’ll see after a successful pairing.














Too easy

And there you have it. If you’ve stumbled on this page by chance, feel free to check out the WF-SP700N review. For those who’ve come here from the review post, do head back and continue with the review!