Anker’s new PowerPort Atom PD. One charger to rule them all.

Anker announced some new products at the Anker On Board event yesterday and one of them is their new line of wall chargers; the Power Port series.


Gallium nitride and Power Delivery

What sets the this new wall chargers apart from their current line up are two areas; the usage of a semi-conductor called Gallium nitride and the usage of Power Delivery. The benefits of using this new semi-conductor is improvement of power efficiency and the reduction of heat while charging. And Power Delivery is a system that enables charging of up to 100 Watts. Although Anker currently has wall chargers that have Power Devliery, it hasn’t been able to produce it in a small form factor until now. For more info on Power Delivery checkout Android Authority’s video explanation here.

Because the Power Delivery standard allows for 100 watt power, this means that it can practically charge any device from phones, tablets and even laptops. The caveat is that Power Delivery is only supported on a USB Type C cable. The aim of Power Delivery is to have one charger for all devices. And that’s what Anker is setting out to do with their latest range of wall chargers.


PowerPort series

Starting with the PowerPort Atom PD which was shown during the event, it has a USB Type C port which delivers 27 watts of power.

Power Port Atom PD.

Next is the PowerPort Atom PD 2 which delivers 60 watts of power while the  PowerPort Atom PD 4 delivers 100 watts of power.

Power Port Atom PD 2 and Power Port Atom PD 4.


Price and Availability

From the press event, we know that only the Power Port Atom PD will be available in November 2018. It will be priced less than USD$29.99. As for the rest of the models, no pricing has has been announced yet. For the available countries, we assume it will start from the US first and hopefully we’ll be seeing it in Anker Malaysia soon. Keep it with jumpadevice for more updates.