Google Home Hub to rival Amazon Show

The Pixel 3 event that concluded earlier this week revealed a trio of products; the Pixel 3, the Pixel Slate and the Home Hub. Today we will look at the Google Home Hub and what it’s offering to combat Amazon’s Echo Show.


Google Home Hub

The Home Hub is Google’s first smart display. Think of it as adding on a screen to your Google Home. With the addition of the screen you can do things like watch videos, see your photo gallery and display information like the weather. It measures at at depth of 2.65 in (67.3 mm), width of 7.02 in (178.5 mm) and a height of 4.65 in (118 mm).

The Google Home Hub.

The touchscreen is an LCD display at 7 inches. On the screen itself is an ambient EQ light sensor and on the top are far field microphones. Interestingly, Google has decided without hesitation to exclude a front facing camera citing privacy concerns. This means you cannot make video calls unlike the Amazon Show. We feel that this move neither detracts nor adds to the value proposition of the Home Hub as it’s not the main feature, but more of a good to have.

Perfect for YouTube Music.

In terms of services, YouTube, Spotify, Google Maps and Google Photos are available for use and Google is throwing in a 6 month free subscription for YouTube Premium (ad-free YouTube). Feature-wise you can say something like “Good Morning” and Home Hub will read today’s weather, news, appointments, traffic for the day. You will also begin to see smart home products make full use of Home Hub’s screen. Take for example Nest. Now if the door bell rings, Home Hub will automatically show who’s at the door.

See who’s at the door with Nest cam integration.


Price and Availability

The Home Hub will be available on October 22 2018 and you can pre-order it here. There are four colours to choose from: Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua and Sand. Pricing is at USD$149 (RM618) and launch countries are United States, United Kingdom and Australia.