Control Spotify from your desktop while using Bluetooth headphones connected to your phone.

Here’s a scenario that some of you might face: You have a pair of bluetooth headpones, you work on a desktop and you listen to Spotify. You want to listen to Spotify using your bluetooth headphones while controlling playback on your desktop. Sounds simple enough. Now here’s the problem: Your desktop doesn’t have a bluetooth receiver. What this means is that you’re stuck with your phone which isn’t the most practical when you have to reach it now and again to change songs. Here’s a workaround that will make you go “Oh, you can do that?


Spotify has got it figured out

All you have to do is have three items at your desk: your mobile phone, your bluetooth headphones and your desktop.


First pair your bluetooth headphones with your mobile phone. For this example, I have with me the WF-SP700N by Sony and a Xiaomi Mi5s Plus phone.

Sony’s WF-SP700N. Check out our review  here.

Next, launch Spotify on both mobile and desktop. In the desktop app, you will see an icon on the bottom right that looks like a monitor and pc. That’s the ‘Devices Available’ button. Click on it to display the list of devices which you can connect to for Spotify playback.  You should be able to see your phone listed. Select your phone .

Before: Listening on the desktop.
After: Playback is now via your phone. And desktop control is still available.

What has happened now is that you have selected your phone as the device where the sound will output. Which means you should be able to listen to it on your headphones. Also as important is that you can control music playback from the desktop and forgo your phone. There’ll be a slight lag with controls but nothing major to hamper the experience.


Well done

And you’re done! It’s amazing that Spotify thoroughly thought this through in terms of interoperability and usability. That’s what being connected is all about! Keep it on jumpadevice for more guides and resource.