Ikea Eneby spotted on catalogue but not listed.

There’s not much news on the local front since we reported on Ikea’s Eneby speaker. However, a check in Ikea Malaysia’s latest 2019 catalogue provide a glimmer of hope.



The Eneby speaker is spotted at 2 places; page 12 and 76 of the catalogue. On page 12 we see the first instance of the speaker being displayed.

Can you see me?

Turn to page 76 and a clearer image is seen.

RM29.90 is the shelf price not the speaker.

The only exception in these 2 images is that while it is shown, the product is not mentioned in detail along with the price. We reached out to Ikea via facebook and they mentioned that they currently do not have any info on the availability. Thier response:

“Thanks for reaching us here. We don’t have information on this at the moment, sorry about this! Watch out for news and updates on our site, https://www.ikea.com/my/en/ Thanks for your interest”


When oh when

We suspect it is the same for other countries as well since Ikea’s catalogues do overlap with varying differences. Nevertheless, keep it on jumpadevice for future updates.