How to link Spotify to Alexa.

You’re here because you can’t link your Spotify account to Alexa (Echo device). This applies to users who’re outside of the United States or where Amazon doesn’t have an official presence.
Today we will run through how to link your Spotify account to Alexa.

Note: To link Spotify to Alexa you must have a Spotify Premium account.



In the Alexa app, go to Menu button > Settings > Music & Media > ‘CHOOSE DEFAULT MUSIC SERVICES’.
What you will likely see is that the Spotify option is greyed out.

Spotify is greyed out.

















Step 1
Go to the Amazon website and log into your account. Click on your account and select ‘Content and Devices’.

Select ‘Content and Devices’.


Step 2
Click on the ‘Preference’ tab and expand Country/Region Settings. For this example you will see that it is set to Malaysia where I’m located.

Go to ‘Preferences’ and expand ‘Country/Region Settings’.


Step 3
Change the location to United States. Which means you have to enter a US address. Don’t worry as this address won’t interfere with your delivery address nor the location that you set in the Alexa app.

Change Country/Region to United States.


Step 4
Next clear all the apps from the multi-tasker on your phone. Launch the Alexa app again and go to the music settings. You should see the list like below.

More music services to choose from.


Step 5
Tap on ‘Link account on’. This will bring you to the Spotify page. Enter your Spotify username and password.

Log into your Spotify account.
Enter in your Spotify username and password.
















Step 6
After logging in successfully there will be a prompt to connect Alexa to your Spotify account. Tap on ‘Okay’.

Tap on ‘OKAY’ to link Alexa and Spotify.
Spotify and Alexa is linked!
















Step 7
Congratulations, you’re almost done! Go back to the Music settings and select Spotify as the default music library. Then go to your Echo device and test it. Say something like “Alexa, play songs by John Mayer on Spotify”.

Set Spotify as the default music library.
Spotify app showing the listening device is the Echo Dot.
















And there we have it. Now go and enjoy hands-free Spotify control!