FitBit Versa Setup

In this guide we will run through the steps to setup your FitBit Versa. If you would like to check out the official steps from FitBit, feel free to read their user guide here.



Simple packaging.

Step 1
i. Unbox the Versa and power it on.
ii. Next, download the FitBit app (iOS and Android). For this guide we’re using the Play Store.

FitBit app on the Play Store.

Step 2
i. Launch the app. If you haven’t signed up as a user, select ‘Join FitBit’.
ii. You’ll be greeted with a number of FitBit models. Select ‘Versa’.

Join Fitbit if you’re a new user.
Select Versa.
















Step 3
i. Key in your email address and password and tap on ‘Next’.
ii. After that, key in your details.

Enter your email address and a password.


Step 4
i. Place the Versa into the charging dock. This is to ensure enough power supply throughout the setup process.

Setup will take roughly 30 minutes.
Place the Versa in the charging dock.
















Step 5
i. The app will now scan for the Versa. Ensure to turn on your phone’s bluetooth.

Scanning for the Versa.
Versa is detected.
















Step 6
i. After it successfully discovers the Versa, a four digit number will be displayed on the Versa.
ii. Key in these digits when prompted on the app.

Enter the verification number.


Step 7
i. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. This is to enable connection for the Versa for software updates.

Setup the Wi-Fi connection.
Successful connection to your Wi-Fi network.
















Step 8
i. Update the Versa to the latest firmware.

Update Versa to with the latest firmware.
Update in progress.
















Step 9
i. This is how the Versa looks like when updating the firmware.

Firmware update is good.


Step 10
i. Once the firmware is updated, follow the prompts in the app to further customise your experience of using the Versa.

All good to go!


Get Fit

Now it’s time to get fit! If you’ve stumbled on this page by chance, feel free to check out the Versa review. For those who’ve come here from the review post, do head back and continue with the review!