Homepod, Oculus Rift and other outrageous gadgets to welcome you back to school.

Preparing to go back to college/uni after the holidays is a simple affair; or not. One would usually take along whatever he/she took before the break and the semester continues as usual. The reason for this article is because of the Back to School Guide 2018 by Engadget. In it, it lists rational items and also ones that rasies eyebrows. I’m more interested in the items that seem odd to be categorised as ‘Back to school’. Here are some of them.
[For this article, we’re taking the term ‘school’ to refer to tertiary education.]


The goods

Apple Home Pod – USD$349 (RM1428)

Apple Home Pod.

What do you do with a Home Pod? Why is it even on the list? Ok, maybe its to unwind and play your favourite tunes after you get back from classes. But do you really need to spend $349 (RM1428)? Outrageous!


Oculus Rift + Touch – USD$400 (RM1600)

Oculus Rift + Touch.

Maybe this can help you to escape the realities of assignments and exams.


Alienware Area-51 – USD$1,900+ (RM7,794)

Alienware Area-51.

Sure, let’s spend some money that I don’t have on this gaming rig.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6 – USD$399 (RM1,636)

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6.

I understand that music is life to some. And indeed it is. It keeps you company while you’re relaxing, chilling or even studying. However, a Bang & Olufsen speaker is probably not what you need at the moment.


Xbox One S – USD$240+ (RM984)

Xbox One S.

Entertaining – yes. Necessary – absolutely not.


Anker Premium USB-C Mini-Dock – USD$76 (RM311)

Anker Premium USB-C Mini-Dock.

Ok, this is reasonable enough. Having a dock to connect your various peripherals comes in very handy.


Rocketbook Wave – USD$27 (RM110)

Rocketbook Wave.

Finally an item that’s directly related to your studies. The Rocketbook Wave is a notebook which has special markings on each page. This markings denote the specific page you’re on. This is used in conjunction with the app to snap a photo and save that image for future reference.


Adobe Creative Cloud (Student)  – USD$20/mo (RM82)

Adobe Creative Cloud (Student).

Something to definitely consider especially for Arts and Media students.


Soda Stream Fizzi One Touch – USD$130 (RM533)

Soda Stream Fizzi One Touch.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous now. Unless you really can’t live without soda water.


Wants and needs

I get it. College/University is not all about studying. Instead, there are more aspects to it especially life outside the campus. And of course having daily comforts to de-stress is important for your well being. What wound me up were some of the items that were on the list. I’m pretty sure you could do without them but then again I could be wrong. I guess it looks like studying isn’t that simple anymore.


Source: Engadget
Image credit: wirecutter, Oculus, CNET, Bang&Olufsen,Digital Trends, Anker,Rocketbook, Adobe, CBC