IFTTT – Pair LIFX with Ambi Climate to create a light notification.

You’ve just purchased an Ambi Climate and got some smart bulbs lying at home – Good. Here’s one practical IFTTT applet you can create. Before we begin here’s the scenario: You’ve just left your room without intentionally turning on/off your aircond. It could be dangerous depending on the room’s purpose. If you have an infant sleeping in the afternoon (it’s hot in Malaysia), accidentally turning if off could result in uncomfortable sleep. Or even if nobody’s in the room, accidentally turning it on may leave you with a huge bill. Fret not, create a notification via IFTTT so that your smart bulb lights up when the aircond is turned off/on.



For this example we will create a notification to check if the aircond is turned On. The smart bulbs used is LIFX bulbs and therefore the features of the LIFX bulbs will be shown. If you have other brands like Philips Hue or TP-Link (Kasa) choose accordingly at the search screen. The features of Philips Hue and TP-Link (Kasa) may or may not be similar to LIFX bulbs.

1. Sign in into IFTTT. If you’re a new user, create a new user account.
2. Once you’re logged in, under the username dropdown list, select ‘New Applet’.
3. Click on ‘+this’ and search for ‘Ambi Climate’.

Search for Ambi Climate.

4. If you have not yet enabled Ambi Climate connection with IFTTT, click on ‘Connect’.
5. A pop up will appear, sign in into your Ambi Climate account.
6. It will then ask permission to access your Ambi Climate account. Select ‘Allow’

Allow access.

4. Now you should see the Ambi Climate triggers. For this example, select ‘A/C turned on or off’. Choose ‘On’ for Power State. Choose your Ambi Climate device.
5. Click on ‘Create Trigger’.

Select ‘On’ and select your Ambi Climate unit.

6. Next Click on ‘+that’ and search for ‘LIFX’.

Search for LIFX.

7. As with Ambi Climate, if you haven’t yet allowed access to LIFX with IFTTT, do allow it.
8. Once you’ve allowed access, you should see the LIFX actions.
9. Select ‘Breathe lights’. Breathe lights will gently flicker the bulb.

Select ‘Breathe Lights’.

8. Choose your desired bulb.
9. For the rest set like so: Turn on First = Yes. Number of breaths = 5. Colour = Leave unchanged. Brightness = 50%. Note that these values are just for example purposes. You can adjust them later.

Select your desired values.

10. Then click on ‘Create Action’.
11. In the Review and Finish screen, click on ‘Finish’.

To recap, essentially what you’ve just created is an “if else statement”. In this case, if Ambi Climate detects that the aircond is turned on, then trigger the LIFX bulb to turn on”.



Now to test the applet. Even though the above steps are completed, it still needs some time for it to register. Give it 15 to 30 minutes after which you can start testing the applet. Try turning on your aircond; the LIFX bulbs should breathe 5 times. Below is a sample of what you’ll see under your applets. I’ve edited the description in the applet settings.

Sample of the new applet. Make sure the applet is ‘On’.



Now that you know how to create an IFTTT applet, try out the other Ambi Climate and LIFX combinations to see which one suites you.