TP-Link’s Deco router has Alexa inside

“Alexa, tell TP-Link I have friends coming.” Your router then proceeds to enable the guest network. That’s just one of the useful commands you can give to TP-Link’s Deco M5 router. Launched in early 2017, the Deco M5 operates using a mesh network. In short, mesh network routers operate with each node communicating with each other and broadcasting their own signal. Usually coming in pairs, you could place one in the living room and another one in a spot where there’re dead signals.

Get rid of dead spots.



Works with Alexa and IFTTT

One feature that is baked in the Deco routers (coming soon to M7 and M9 Plus models) is Amazon Alexa. Now, you don’t actually talk to the router as there’s no microphone nor speaker on it. Instead, it’s done via the the TP-Link Router Skill that’s added to your Alexa device. From there you can give a decent list of useful commands such as:

Command 1: “Alexa, ask TP-Link to prioritize gaming”
Action : Gaming data is given the highest priority on the network.

Command 2: “Alexa, ask TP-Link to prioritize video streaming”
Action : Video streaming data is given the highest priority on the network.

Command 3: “Alexa, tell TP-Link I have friends coming”
Action : Enable Guest Network.

The full list of commands is available here.



TP-Link’s integration of Alexa into their routers is a good example of product improvement and innovation. The commands for example to turn on the guest network is just so intuitive. Let’s hope to see more of this!


Source: TP-Link
Image credit: TP-Link Malaysia