Sigfox launches Sens’it 3

Announced at the IoT World Conference in Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA, Sens’it 3 by Sigfox is an IoT device that has multiple sensors and works on the Sigfox network. For readers who are unfamiliar with the company Sigfox, they’re one of the 3 IoT network standards; The other 2 being Narrowband IoT (NB-IOT) and LoRaWAN.

The company behind the Sens’it 3.

The Sens’it 3 is their latest iteration of the device and is built-in with 6 sensors and 1 button. The sensors are an accelerometer, hygrometer, reed switch, luxmeter, magnetometer and thermometer. It is designed to work within the Sigfox’s end-to-end solution called Sens’it Discovery which combines the Sensit 3, platform and the Sigfox network. What all of these means is that applications such as temperature and humidity monitoring, light monitoring, door opening detection, vibration detection and Magnet detection can be implemented.

A customisable button.

Being customisable and reconfigurable thanks to the Software Development Kit (SDK), business and technical professionals can come up with their own solutions based on their needs and challenges.


Price and Availability

The Sens’it 3 is price USD$75 (RM297) and comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK). Availability is in countries which have the Sigfox network already deployed. Go here to check your country’s coverage. Does this include Malaysia? Well, let’s say it’s in progress. The status shows “Country under roll-out” by the sigfox operator xperanti.


Source: forbes, sensit, Sigfox
Image credit: Sigfox