Xiaomi updates Flower Monitor app. Adds leaf filters.

Owners of the Xiaomi Flower Monitor might have noticed an update on the Flower Monitor app which brings it to 5.3.0. This update comes with a fresh new UI and a feature which can help determine what plant you have exactly.


Updated UI

The updated UI is fresh and pleasing to the eyes. On your ‘Plant Homescreen’ you’re greeted with the plant’s vitals; Moisture, Fertility, Sunlight and Temperature. Tapping on the vitals will bring up additional commentary on what needs to be done.


















Leaf type filter

Sometimes, you need to know what plant you have in order to know how to take care of it. And searching on the web might prove tricky because describing it can be a challenge. This is where the leaf type filter comes in. What it is is a four step filter to help you narrow down the plant that you own.











Continuous Improvements

It’s good to see Xiaomi (Huahuacaocao) providing updates and improving the user experience.
The next feature that should be added is IFTTT support! Here’s hoping. In the mean time check out the Flower Monitor Review here: