Continental introduces ContiConnect – A tyre monitoring solution.

Following up from Continental’s Cloud Terminal last year, Continental has just announced their digital tyre monitoring solution called ContiConnect. Targeted primarily for heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and trailers, the ContiConnect aims to keep commercial fleet operations at an efficient and optimum level. It does this by having the sensors track tyre pressure and temperature to ensure vehicles are always on tip-top condition. This information is vital in preventing vehicle breakdowns.


Sensors, Reader Stations and Web Portals

How it works.

ContiConnect consists of 3 components; The sensors, yard reader stations and web portals. A bit more on the sensors, they can be retrofitted to existing tyres or pre-fit into Continental tyres making it a flexible solution. Next is the yard reader stations. These readers can be placed at certain locations i.e. rest stops and petrol stations and it will collect the tyre stats as the vehicle passes by. It then sends these data to the back-end where it is processed and analysed. Completing this solution is the web portal. The web portal provides fleet managers with an interface of which they can view the fleet’s tyre stats and take any necessary action if needed.

Manage your fleet’s tyres at a glance.



With this constant monitoring, it is hoped that the ContiConnect will provide a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. Currently it is available in United States, Canada, Malaysia, and Thailand. It will be expanded into more countries in Europe and Asia in 2018 and next year. For more information head over to Continental.


Source: Continental, internetofbusiness
Image credit: Continental