Google Home and Mini heads to Singapore Google Store

It was just about last 2 weeks that we wrote what’s on the Malaysian Google Store. In it, we highlighted how the Singapore Google Store was way ahead in terms of the products. Well, the gap is set to increase again with the availability of the Home and Home Mini.

According to a report on CNET, the Google Home launched in Singapore will support multi-user accounts. Meaning it will be able to detect whose voice is whose and cater the experience accordingly. Another amusing point to note is that it will support Singlish; “OK Google, limpeh is hungry. Show me restaurants nearby”.

Some of the local services that’s integrated with Google Home.

The Home and Home Mini will be available from April 20 onwards. Pricing is at SGD$189 (RM561) and SGD$79 (RM234) respectively. Head over here to check it out. For Malaysian readers, you now have an additional excuse to head across the causeway.


Source: CNET