Ikea’s ENEBY speaker fits snugly into a Kallax.

We’re no strangers to Ikea. As far as electronic furnishing goes, their biggest section would be their lights. Last year they ventured into the smart and connected home with a new lighting range called Ikea TRÅDFRI. Today they’re adding a new product range to their catalogue in the form of bluetooth speakers. The name is Eneby.

The speakers come in 2 models; ENEBY20 and ENEBY30. The former is meant to be portable while the latter is the larger stationary sibling. Measuring at 8″ x 3″ x 8″ and 12″ x 4″ x 12″ respectively, both models connect via Bluetooth V4.2 and an AUX cable. The smaller speaker comes with a 1″ tweeter and a 3.4″ woofer while the larger model comes with 1″ tweeter & two 4″ woofers. In terms of looks, it’s as simple as you can get. Covering the speakers is a removable mesh fabric and next to it is the volume knob. It doesn’t come with much accessories. Both have speaker stands and the only thing extra for the smaller model is a battery pack which lasts around 8-10 hours.

Left: The ENEBY30 in a KALLAX. Right: The speaker stand is priced at USD$10.00 (RM38.60)

There’re no details on the sound quality except for “clear and powerful sound” which is kinda vague. Honestly, I’m not surprised unless IKEA had really invested time and research for good sound reproduction. Maybe these speakers are marketed to further enhance IKEA stores as a one-stop solution for your furnishing needs.

Left: On the go with the ENEBY20. Right: The battery pack lasts 8-10 hours.

ENEBY20 is priced at USD$49.00 (RM189) while the ENEBY30 is at USD$89.00 (RM344).
Availability is only in the US at the moment. And no news whether it will make its way to Malaysia. Head over here for more information on the product.


Source: Digital Trends
Image credit: IKEA