What’s on the Google Store in Malaysia?

With Google having a nice donut-like-speaker, a Fast Pair Google Pixel Buds and a range of other products, you may just wonder which ones are available officially on the Malaysia Google Store. The answer as you have guessed is sad. Only 2 items are available; the 2nd Generation Chromecast and the Chromecast audio. A check on our neighbours Singapore reveals the Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel Buds, Google WiFi and the 2nd Generation Chromecast. Nothing to shout about, but not too bad either.

Chromecast Audio and 2nd Generation Chromecast available on the Malaysia Google Store.

All is not lost though. For those hoping to get their hands one of these products, they can still do it with the likes of Amazon, Ladaza and 11Street. To check your country’s official availability of the Google merchandise head over here. Again, do realise that this is just good to know information and it doesn’t mean that you are limited to what’s listed on your country’s page.

List of countries that have an official Google Store.

As for Malaysia, it’s indeed commendable to be on the list. Let’s hope for more products to be added in the future.