Of course you need a HomePod stand.

Nobody wants stained furniture especially when the thing staining it is your brand new Apple HomePod. And resting your HomePod on a coaster just doesn’t cut it. So where to find a HomePod stand?

Enter Grovemade, a company from Portland, Oregon which designs and makes minimalist products. Ranging from lamps and monitor stands to everyday carry (EDC), they have come up with a stand for the HomePod and it looks to be the best looking solution yet. The stand measuring comes in 3 materials; Cork, Wood and Aluminum. You can’t go wrong with either material as the finish on all the stands shouts quality. The wood for example comes in Walnut and Maple. Each stand is priced differently with Aluminum being the most expensive.

HomePod on the stand (Maple).

Shipping to Malaysia is USD$5.44 (RM20.99) for local post and USD$35.00 (RM135.03) for UPS International. Head over to Grovemade to purchase.