A cool way to get your music streaming with RFID tags.

Using your phone to cast music; Done that. Using your voice to control music; So yesterday. How bout RFID tags? Now we’re talking. A youtuber by the name of hoveeman just created a cool method of music playback using RFID tags. In the video, he picks a card from a bunch of cards laid out on the table. The cards itself have music artistes printed on them and embedded in the cards are unique tags. He then places the card by the side of the table and voila! Justin Timberlake starts playing from his soundbar.

Now, inside the desk itself is the RFID reader and connected to it is a Raspberry Pi Zero. Everytime the RFID reader detects one of the cards, the RaspberryPi then decodes the signal via Home Assistant and play the respective song on the speakers.

Definitely a converstation starter when you have guests over. Wanna build one? Head over to GitHub where hoveeman has placed all the required components and their links.

Check out jumpadevice’s review on another custom project called Paper Signals.


Source: androidpolice