Atilze Connected Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

There are many industries that IoT can function in and one of them is the automotive industry.
Today we will look at a local company in the IoT space, Atilze. Atilze is an IoT company from Malaysia that provides solutions in the form of hardware devices, applications and services. Their solutions range from smart agriculture and intelligent city to smart home living. Of particular interest from their solution offerings, is their Connected Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). You may have heard of ADAS or in simpler terms ‘Driver Assist’. One example would be Honda’s implementation called Honda Sensing. Below is what ADAS can do you for you as a driver.


Forward Collision Warning

Alerts if you are close to a collission with a vehicle ahead.


Lane Departure Warning

Alerts if unintended lane departure occurs without a use of a signal.


Pedestrian Collision Warning

Alerts if a danger of a collision with a pedestrian exists.


Speed Limit Warning

Alerts if you vehicle goes above the speed limit.


Emergency Call (E-Call)

Automatically sends your vehicle status and contacts emergency response upon a collision event.


These solutions give you an idea of what is possible with IoT not only in the automotive industry but also other industries. Indeed IoT will become more embedded in our everyday lives and the thing is we won’t even notice it. Head over to Atilze’s website to learn more about what they offer. Also do check out jumpadevice’s previous post on Atilze’s deployment of the low power wide area network (LoRaWAN) in the Klang Valley.