Spotify pulls support from selected speakers and av receivers

Have a speaker or an AV Receiver at home that’s able to stream Spotify natively? Well, you may want to test that function again as Spotify has ended support for some of these devices.
A check on the support page reveals the affected brands and their models which include Dynoaudio, Pioneer, Onkyo and Yamaha. Don’t fret though as a further check on the list of devices reveals an average age of about 5-6 years old. So it looks like Spotify is ending support for ‘old’ models and not a blanket wipeout. Spotify adds that to ensure your device still works, it all depends on the manufacturers to provide a firmware update.

Looks like the Nocs NS2 product info has to be updated.

There are still workarounds; The simplest being using Chromecast Audio (jumpadevice review here). But many would be bummed as native Spotify connection would have been one of their pulling factors in purchasing these audio equipment. The unfortunate reality is that as hardware ages and as technology advances, maintaining support for these services is a challenge. To check whether your audio equipment is affected head over here for the list of supported speakers and here for the Hi-fi equipment.


Source: The Verge
Image credit: CNET, Yamaha