Asus Lyra Voice is a router plus Alexa speaker

CES 2018 is live and as usual this is the time where companies showcase their latest offerings. One of the many products is from Asus. They have just announced 3 new asus routers; RT-AX88U, Lyra Voice and Lyra Trio.


Asus RT-AX88U

Asus RT-AX88U.

First, we look at the RT-AX88U which is a 802.11ax WiFi router. The RT-AX88U has speeds of up to 6000Mbps and has 8 Ethernet ports! 802.11ax is the latest wireless standard after 802.11ac. The ax standard is designed to improve network efficiency where there is high density traffic. Think of public hotspots or homes where there are plenty of wireless devices. The 802.11ax standard isn’t available until early 2019 due to pending certification so getting the RT-AX88U is more of future-proofing your router.


Asus Lyra Voice

Asus Lyra Voice.

Next, the Lyra Voice is a triband AC2200 router that has speakers and a microphone built in for the Alexa assistant. At first glance, it looks more like a soundbar rather than a router. In fact, once you know it is both, you may very well think it’s a soundbar with router capibilities. The combination is rather odd. But I guess if you’re in a hunt for a router and a Alexa device, you could kill two birds by getting the Lyra Voice.


Asus Lyra Trio

Asus Lyra Trio.

Not much details are know about this router other than it is using 3X3 MIMO and dual-band technology. You are able to pair the Lyra trio with the Asus companion app. It is also compatible with Asus mesh Wi-Fi system. Looks wise, it resembles an iron?


No pricing has been announced for all 3 routers. Launch dates are expected within the first half of 2018.


Source: The Verge, Engadget, CNET
Image credit: Engadget, CNET