Philips Hue bulbs to be an option when purchasing Mah Sing property.

One news that’s overdue on jumpadevice occured last month when property developer Mah Sing announced their partnership with Philips to bring the Philips Hue bulbs to Mah Sing’s residential development. The development in focus is the Caspia cluster homes in M Residence 2. Purchasers of the Caspia homes are given an option to top up RM42k for the ID Furnishing package. According to Mah Sing’s website, this package will include the Philips Hue light bulbs.


First property developer

During the MOU signing ceremony, Datuk Ho Hon Sang (Mah Sing Group CEO) said “Caspia @ M Residence 2 will be one of the first in Malaysia to showcase the Philips Hue system, which offers pre-installed smart lighting technology and convenience to our home buyers.” Also present during the ceremony was Alok Ghose (Managing Director, Philips Lighting Singapore, Malaysia and Exports). “Connected lighting is a step towards making smart homes a reality in Malaysia. As the country moves towards being a digitally connected nation, we realise the potential of IoT (Internet of things) to enhance experiences in making lives better, easier and more enjoyable.” he shared.

Caspia @ M Residence 2

Expanding on Datuk Ho Hon Sang’s statement, indeed, as of today Mah Sing is the first developer in Malaysia to incorporate a smart home product into their property development. The only other developer to do this albeit a more holistic approach is I-Bhd with their partnership with Huawei for Converse@i-City.



It will be interesting to see the take up rate of the ID package offering from Mah Sing. To really take off, I would think that Mah Sing together with Philips should push and highlight the advantages of smart home products like the Hue light bulbs. Another thing to note is whether the home buyers would have the option to choose between the Hue Color and the Hue White ambiance bulbs. I think being able to choose is good because think about it, how often does one turn their house into a disco. Sometimes all you need are different shades of white.


Any local news on the home automation is encouraging. And this is no exception especially when it involves a property developer. Let’s hope this momentum keeps on moving into 2018 and beyond.


Source: starproperty, iproperty
Image credit: iproperty, Mah Sing