Beam Authentic wants you to express yourself

Beam with their product, Beam Authentic wants to connect people together. They believe that “as long as people are talking to each other and having conversations about important topics, we can overcome any obstacle, and find new ways towards a brighter future.” Well then, what is this Beam Authentic?

Think of it like a pin-badge, but instead of a static design, you get an AMOLED screen. And with the AMOLED screen, you can put any GIF or image to be displayed. The purpose of the Beam Authentic is to start conversations and get people talking about your ‘Beam’. It is a means to express oneself in terms of emotion, thoughts or even life’s motto.

Various ways you can attach the Beam Authentic.

The battery can last for 24 hours per charge and can store 100 ‘Beams’. It has a panic button that when pressed, will send your location and a SOS message from your phone. There’s no indication of whether this button can function to trigger something else. So when it is marketed as the ‘World’s First Smart Connected, Wearable Button’, I’m a bit skeptical of the ‘Smart’ aspect.

Top, Side and Back view.

One noble cause for the Beam Authentic is that with every purchase, USD $3 will be donated to a charity of your choice;, Amnesty International or charitywater. The Beam Authentic is priced at USD $99 (RM 404.56). Unfortunately shipping is only to US or Canada. Those who really want to get their hands on one may want to try Pos Laju’s Shipping service EziPoz.


Source: beamauthentic, The Verge
Image credit: beamauthentic