Paper Signals is origami with microcontrollers

We have here today an interesting project. What do you get when you mix origami and microcontrollers? You get Paper Signals. This was the result of a collaboration between Isaac Blankensmith (a hardware interaction designer at Google Creative Lab) and Smooth Technology. Think of it as having origami with very simple moving parts and adding in a dash of Google Assistant.

Other sample Signals.

An example of this is an Arrow Signal which is having an arrow origami that will point up or down depending on the price of Bitcoin. Or even an Umbrella Signal which will open or close depending on the weather. All you have to do is assemble all of the parts together and with Google Assistant give a command like ‘Tell my Umbrella Signal to track when it rains in Petaling Jaya’. Or with the Arrow Signal ‘Tell my Arrow Signal to track Bitcoin’.

Umbrella Signal in action.

What you’ll need to get started is a Paper Signals Bundle from adafruit, the paper templates (umbrella, arrow, etc) and Google Assistant. The Paper Signals Bundle is priced at USD $25 (RM 100). You can purchase it here. However, at this point of writing, it is out of stock. Shipping to Malaysia is available but the cost couldn’t be determined as it could not be added into the cart.
For the full set of instructions and resources head over to papersignals.

Items that you need to get started.

Paper Signals brings a breathe of fresh because in the digital age, you sometimes forget to appreciate the physical things around us. I foresee Paper Signals bringing out the creativity and the ingenuity in those that like to experiment and tiker around in the DIY space. I’m excited to see what other Signals that people come up with and I will definitely be getting one.


Source: Digital Trends, adafruit, papersignals
Image credit: papersignals