Google announces Fast Pair for Android

Wireless headphones have been around for quite some time. The recent more popular ones being Sony MDR series and the Bose QC35 series. While they are great at giving freedom, the pairing process does somewhat get in the way of seamless connectivity. Well, Google has just announced Fast Pair, a method designed to quicken the pairing process. The technology behind Fast Pair is Bluetooth Low Energy (Read more about Bluetooth Low Energy here).

Pair your device seamlessly.

In Fast Pair all you have to do is bring your device (in this case a headphone) in close proximity of your phone. Your phone detects the headphone and automatically pairs it. One of the sleek points of Fast Pair is that the product image will appear on your phone as it detects it. If you’re thinking “Wait a minute, this method sounds familiar”, you’re right. This is because Apple’s airpods work the same way.

Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear

Fast Pair will work on phones that’re on Google Play services 11.7+ and have compatibility from Android 6.0 onwards. Current headphones that support Fast Pair are Google Pixel Buds, Libratone’s Q Adapt On-Ear and Bose QC35 II.


Source: lifehacker, Android Developer’s Blog
Image credit: Google Store, Libratone