Fill your house with the scent of a new Mac.

There isn’t a better feeling than unboxing your new gadget. And with every new gadget, comes that familiar scent that screams “I’m New! Smell me!” One scent that seems to be popular can be found coming from a new Mac. And company Twelve South thinks it has managed to capture that scent into a candle.

Do I need it? Yes I do.

Their latest candle, Inspire, is their second candle after releasing New Mac last year. The Inspire candle is hoped to ‘clear your mind of clutter and stimulate creativity’ just like how a new Mac would. The candle is infused with scents of bergamot, lemon, tarragon and musk. Pretty refreshing if you asked me.

Musk. ha ha.

Head over to Twelve South to get your candle. The Inspire candle is going for USD $29.99 (RM126). Shipping to Malaysia is USD $19.91 (RM84).

Now give me my Surface Book scented candle.


Source: Twelve South
Image credit: Twelve South