Start your own IoT project with Favoriot

Got an Arduino or Raspberry Pi lying around the house? And are your hands itchy to start your own IoT project? Well, Favoriot, a local IoT company based in Puchong, Selangor has got you covered with their subscription plan.


How does it work?

Using your device (Arduino,Raspberry Pi, Libelium), it will connect to the Favoriot middleware platform. This middleware platform is where the magic happens. Consisting of components like Device Connectivity, Device Management, Business Logic and Notification Engine, the Favoriot platform acts as the building blocks of your IoT project.

Favoriot middleware components.



Tier plans for starters all the way to business owners.

Favoriot offers 3 tiers of subscription: Beginner Plan, Startup Plan, Business Plan. The Beginner Plan offers the most basic perks for RM100 a year. In that plan, you get to use 1 device and make 1,500 API calls per Day. Perfect for those who want to play around and just experiment. The Startup Plan increases the devices to 150 and API calls to 225,000 per Day. As the name suggests, this is for those who run or are in a start up company. The next tier; Business Plan has the highest devices at 300 devices and 450,000 API calls per Day. This plan is not for everyone and is more suited for large businesses.


It’s encouraging to see that a local company realises the potential of what IoT can bring to our lives. And they are doing this by providing the platform and tools for enthusiast and developers to build IoT applications and solutions.

For more info head over to favoriot.