New range of smart locks from August

August, the brand that is synonymous with smart locks just released 3 new smart locks; August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, August Smart Lock and August Doorbell Cam Pro.


August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Smart Lock Pro and the Connect Wi-Fi bridge

With the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, you get a smart lock plus the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and a DoorSense. The Wi-Fi Bridge supports Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus. This enables integration with smart hubs like Samsung SmartThings and smart home assistants like Google Home/Assistant and Amazon Alexa. DoorSense is basically a window/door sensor that has one half built in the smart lock, and the other placed on the door frame. If your door has been accidentally left opened, you’ll be alerted through the August app.

August Smart Lock Pro installed.


August Smart Lock

More conventional looking.

The August Smart Lock is intended to be more of an introductory smart lock for first time users and sports a more traditional design. It doesn’t support Apple HomeKit and the Wi-Fi Bridge has to be purchased separately if you want control using Google Home/Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

August Smart Lock installed.


August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Doorbell Cam Pro

The August Doorbell Cam Pro is a doorbell camera that has some pretty nifty features. One of it is a built-in floodlight which will be triggered if it detects any uninvited guests. Another feature is called HindSight where it shows you the recordings a few moments before the motion was detected so nothing is missed.

August Doorbell Cam Pro installed.


Price and Availability

You can head over to the official website to purchase. Unfortunately it only ships to US and Canada. Funnily enough, the website was able to state the price in Malaysian Ringgit. The prices are as below :

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
RM1,171.38 (Without shipping fees included)

August Smart Lock
RM625.58 (Without shipping fees included)

August Doorbell Cam Pro
RM835.50 (Without shipping fees included)


For more information, head over to their website.

Source: cnet
Image credit: august