Try out D-Link cameras for free!

Thinking of getting a D-Link cloud camera? But not sure which one to get? No worries, you can try a select range right from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is head to the D-Link Malaysia website and click on ‘Live Demo’. This Live Demo is a live feed of some of the cameras that D-Link has set up.

First select the camera which you would like to test. From there, there are 2 ways you can view th live feed; First via a desktop web browser and second is through the mydlink app(iOS and Android) on your phone.

Download the app or use a web browser.

I chose the mydlink app on my phone as I think this is how most users would access the live feed of their camera. After downloading the app and signing in(login credentials provided on the D-Link website), you’re greeted with a list of cameras. Before selecting one, make sure you’re connected to a WiFi network as the stream consumes lots of data.

List of cameras to choose from.

Once the live feed is loaded, and depending on the camera model, you can perform actions like change resolution, activate night vision and tilt and pan the camera.

Set the resolution to 480p or 720p.
Activate daytime or nightmode.
















I wish that more companies would consider setting up demo units like this. As it makes cloud/security camera purchasing easier and much more interactive. Way to go D-Link!


Image credit: D-Link Malaysia