Focus on your driving with Logitech ZeroTouch

Sometimes Logitech comes up with a product like the POP making me go “whoa, cool”. Other times they come up with a product that make me go “But why?”. This is one of the latter times with their product called ZeroTouch.

ZeroTouch is a car phone holder that when acompanied with the ZeroTouch app allows you to wave at it and issue voice commands.

Simple enough.

Just like any other car phone holder, the ZeroTouch clips to the aircond vent. You then apply the adhesive magnetic patch to the back on your phone. And with NFC, it will detect whenever your phone is placed on the dock and automatically launch the ZeroTouch app. Just to note, the ZeroTouch app is Anrdoid only.

High five your phone to activate the ZeroTouch voice assistant.

From there all you have to do is wave your hand and the voice assistant will launch. You can issue voice commands to text, call, search for directions and even pulling up restaurant reviews. One interesting feature is that the ZeroTouch app comes with Alexa. This means now you can choose between 2 voice assistants while driving. Pretty nice.

Amazon Alexa baked in.

The price for the ZeroTouch is abit pricy if you asked me. Ok, maybe pricy isn’t the right word. It’s at a ridiculous price of USD $59.99(RM 256). That’s more expensive than the Amazon Echo Dot (USD $49.9) ! For much less, I could just buy a standard car phone holder and launch Google Assistant. The ZeroTouch is available for purchase through the official Logitech website or on Amazon. However, both options does not have shipping to Malaysia.

All in all, the ZeroTouch is abit gimmicky if you asked me. You’d be better spending your hard earned money elsewhere.


Source: Digital Trends
Image Credit: Logitech