Yeelight Candela. The candle-like lamp.

Picture this. You set up a romantic dinner at home with your partner. You decorate the table with candles. Halfway through, you accidentally tip over the candle and quickly the both of you scurry to ensure that it doesn’t burn anything. Probable but trivial scenario, I know. What if there is a safer and ‘techier’ approach? Well, there is, from Xiaomi.

A beautiful wick that is.

The Yeelight Candela is by essence a lamp that mimics a candle plus some technological goodies baked in. The design is as simple as it can get. The ‘candle wick’ which is made out of copper alloys-bass is housed in a poly-carbonate case. The case is made in such a way that it offers greater impact strength and increased resistance to breakage. The candela has a  built-in 2100mAh battery and is charged using a USB cable.

You control the lamp by 2 ways; turning the cover to adjust brightness or via the app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). Currently the engineering team are working to enable compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Turn one, turn all.

Now here’s where the techie part comes in. Bluetooth mesh. Yes, that Bluetooth mesh which we mentioned a previous post. With Bluetooth mesh, you could turn up or down the brightness of one Candela, and if you have another 2 Candelas, it will follow suit. It will support up to 3000 candelas. 3000!


Price and Availability

Yeelight Candela is currently on Kickstarter. Early Bird price for 1 Candela is USD$35 (RM149). Shipping to Malaysia is USD$10 (RM42).

Those interested hurry on over and make your pledge!


Source: Kickstarter
Image creadit: Kickstarter, XIAOMI GLOBAL COMMUNITY