TP-Link Smart Home products on display.

A visit to All-IT Hypermart in Digital Mall at Section 14, PJ revealed a pleasant surprise. On display at the networking section are a handful of TP-Link Smart Home products. Of interest are 3 items which we will look at below.


LB130 –¬†Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb with Color Changing Hue


First up is the LB130 Smart Bulb which has the ability to change hue. As reported in a previous post by jumpadevice here, the LB130 is one of four TP-Link Smart Bulbs that has a status of ‘Coming Soon’. Well, this is indeed a good indication of the impending availability locally in Malaysia.


HS100 – Wi-Fi Smart Plug


Next, we have the HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug. Jumpadevice had reviewed this smart plug which you can read here. Although the TP-Link Malaysia website lists it as ‘Coming Soon’ a check in 11Street under the TP-Link Official Store shows that the HS100 is already available.

You can already purchase the HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug through 11Street.


HS200 – Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch


Now, this here is the jewel that caught my eye. The HS200 is a Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch that replaces your standard light switch in your home. With your standard light switch, you have to walk to turn on or off the lights. But the HS200 has Wi-Fi connectivity built in, which means that you can control the lights via the app on your smart phone. This smart light switch scores additional points too by having compatibility with Alexa.

Control the light switch via your smart phone.

You might be asking yourself, do I need one? Well, it depends. For me personally, I constantly view my home and see what area can home automation improve in my daily life. And the HS200 comes in handy when you are faced with some limitations. For example, my dining room is fitted with downlights that uses Phillips PLC type light bulbs (the ones with a square base). Now, if i wanted to change it to current smart bulbs available in the market, I can’t. Why? Because they are all screw-on types (E27). Here’s where the HS200 is Godsend. To solve this issue, all you need to do is replace your current wall switch with the HS200. And boom! You now can control the down-lights with the TP-Link Kasa app, or even better, with the Alexa voice control.


Price and Availability

I asked the sales personnel in All IT Hypermart when will those products on display be available but he couldn’t give me an answer. Bummer. However, there are workarounds for those that are impatient. All of the 3 products mentioned today can be found in 11Street, of which only the HS100 is officially available.
The LB130 smart bulb can be purchased at a very much inflated price of RM332.52 (not recommended). The HS100 is officially available for purchase for RM142. The HS200 can be purchased at RM242 (slighty expensive if compared to Amazon).

Do stay tuned to jumpadevice for the latest updates!