What Bluetooth Mesh means for you.

Bluetooth. That magical thing that allows you to get a set of wireless headphones and pair it with your smartphone. It’s been around for 18 years with the latest iteration being 5.0. Recently, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the next step for bluetooth which is mesh networking.

Many-to-many communication.

Up until Bluetooth 5.0, bluetooth communication was only one-to-one. Meaning, you could only pair a device to another device. With Bluetooth 5.0, it allowed you to pair 2 devices simultaneously. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the only phone to have this feature. Meaning instead of pairing 1 wireless headphone, you could now pair it with 2. With Bluetooth mesh networking, the era of many-to-many communication will soon arrive.


How does this affect me?

Rodney Bosch from SecuritySales&Integration writes, Mesh networking could be particularly useful for linking smart home technology, since it allows a device in one area of a residence to communicate with smart devices throughout the entire home.

Useful for linking smart home technology.

ABI Research Senior Analyst Andrew Zignani also adds “Mesh network topology helps to overcome the obstacles and shortcomings of conventional hub-to-spoke technologies, including range limitations, limited network sizes, and unreliability, and can help to create more intelligent and reliable wireless sensor networks that span greater distances and cover a wider area.”

What all these means in terms of IoT and home automation is that, Bluetooth mesh has the potential to perform more reliably than current offerings like Samsung SmartThings .

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Source: SecuritySales&Integration
Image credit: Sony, SecuritySales&Integration, Bluetooth SIG