iMCO Smart Watch. The first smartwatch with Alexa.

Smartwatches tend to fall into 2 main camps, Android Wear and Apple’s WatchOS (and maybe Tizen OS). Of which Android Wear has Google Assistant and WatchOS has the Home app to control your smart devices. No smartwatch so far has support for Amazon Alexa, until now.

The iMCO Watch in Mineral Silver and Carbon Black.

Meet the iMCO SmartWatch. The iMCO SmartWatch runs on Cronologics OS which is a new platform based on Android. Its a smartwatch that has all your regular bells and whistles including a step tracker, music control, hear rate monitor, alarm reminder, weather, calendar and text messaging.

But what sets the iMCO SmartWatch apart is the built in Amazon Alexa. Which means you can control smart devices in your home by speaking to your watch. The advantage here is that now you no longer have to shout across the room if you only have one Alexa device (Echo, Show). You’re also able to configure Alexa with IFTTT on the iMCO SmartWatch so that’s a another plus point. (The tutorial to setup Alexa on iMCO can be veiwed here.)

Compatible with iOS and Android.

Price and Availability

The iMCO SmartWatch is available for purchase here.
The iMCO Watch in Carbon Black is USD 299 (RM 1285).
The iMCO Watch in Mineral Silver is USD 279 (RM 1199).
Shipping to Malaysia USD 26. (RM 111).

It is exciting to see that apart from the Androids and the Apples, there’s now another option for users to choose. A smartwatch that features Amazon Alexa is a first step and we hope there’s more to come!


Source: imco
Image credit: imco