Bluesmart Series 2: Smart Luggage System

How much would you pay for for a standard 29″ luggage bag that has GPS+3G Location Tracking, Remote Autolocking and a weight sensor system built in? RM300? RM500? How bout RM2800?

That’s one of the luggages that company bluesmart is proposing in their Indiegogo campaign. Ranging from a passport pouch to a check-in suite case, the Bluesmart Series 2 is a smart luggage system that’s sure to tick many boxes for tech savvy travelers.

Range of features. Note the Operating System.
Never lose your bag again.

Those interested do head over to the Indiegogo page to check it out.


Price and Availability

The below are early bird prices:
The 22″ Cabin Carry On is USD 295 (RM 1270)
The 29″ Check in Suite Case is USD 345  (RM 1480)
The Laptop bag is USD 195 (RM 840)
Passport Pouch is USD 95 (RM 408)

Shipping to Malaysia is USD 100 (Ouch!). Availability is in December 2017.


Source: techradar, Indiegogo
Image Credit: Indiegogo