10000 mAh Mi Powerbank PRO Review

Back in 2014 Xiaomi burst onto the Malaysian scene when it started selling the 10400 mAh Power Bank. At that time, it created a buzz because for 10400 mAh, the asking price was lower than other powerbanks back then. Furthermore, it created a frenzy because you could only get it online, and there were limited stocks. Fast forward 3 years, and Xiaomi now has a power bank so slim, you’d think to yourself “what?! there’s a 10000 mAh battery inside that thing?!” Exactly. Today we will be reviewing the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO.

Before we start let me clear some confusion regarding which 10000mAh Mi Powerbank we will be reviewing today. If you visit the Mi Malaysia website, you will come across a range of power banks. The one we will be looking at is the ‘10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro’. The version that we have for review has a model number of PLM03ZM. This differs from the one shown on the website(PLM01ZM). What’s the difference you ask? The PLM03ZM model is updated with Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0 whereas the PLM01ZM is slightly older with QuickCharge 2.0. (read the difference between 2.0 vs 3.0 here). You can head over to hardwarezone.com.sg which first posted the difference in model numbers.

Alright now on to the review!



On the top is a USB port for output, a USB Type-C for input, and a button which will light up the battery indicator.

How thin is that?!

The 10000 mAh Mi Powerbank PRO is slim. Very slim. It measures at 12.58 mm thick and makes the the 2014 10400 mAh Power Bank look big and chunky.


Features & Performance

The star feature of this power bank is Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0. This means that it will be able to charge any Quick Charge compatible device up to 4 times faster.

To really test it out that feature I started charging my phone which was Quick Charge 3.0 compatible.

Start: 3% at 7:51 PM
End: 50% at 8:24 PM

Starting at 3%, I had to wait about 30 minutes before it reached 50%. And I thought to myself, wow! That’s insanely fast. Another plus point is that the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO itself has Quick Charge 3.0 both ways. Meaning, the power bank can be charged faster too using a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger or power bank. Using a normal usb charger to charge the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO, it took around 5 hours for a full charge.

Bringing the powerbank around with my phone felt like an accessory that was meant to accompany my phone. The grey colour makes the powerbank look ever so sleek and classy. And coming in at 223g (compared to 260g for the 2014 model) it doesn’t feel heavy at all!


Where to buy

When purchasing the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO, be sure to check for the model number: PLM03ZM. That’s the model that comes with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0.


Locally, the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO can be purchased at Lazada, 11 Street and Shopee.


International readers can head to Amazon for the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO here:

[Disclosure: This is a referral link. Jumpadevice stands to gain commission if you decide to purchase through the link. Jumpdadevice has tested this product and recommends it. However, please do not spend money if you feel it doesn’t meet your needs and goals.]


Final Thoughts

Should I get the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO?  Yes, if you have a Quick Charge compatible device. Yes also if you want a slimmer (albeit taller) form factor that will definitely fit better into your bag or pocket. Well, what if my device doesn’t support Quick Charge? No worries. You still can use the 10000mAh Mi Powerbank PRO as it will charge your device as normal.

All in all a highly recommended product regardless whether you have a Quick Charge compatible device. The sleek build makes it very portable and the 10000mAh is sure to charge your device at least twice.