Apple HomeKit update eases support for new products

Apple at the WWDC2017 announced that they will be making it easier for developers to work with HomeKit. Prior to this, one would have to obtain a MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) license before developing for HomeKit. In addition, manufacturers of smart devices would also have to include a hardware chip for authentication purposes.

But that was then. Moving forward, the only authentication for HomeKit is via software. The license and hardware chip prerequisite will no longer be needed. What does all this mean for Apple users?

Range of devices that work with HomeKit.

Well, expect more companies to enable HomeKit compatibility to their products. One example would be Nest which have signaled their openness to support HomeKit.

As it stands, Apple HomeKit is trailing behind Amazon Alexa and Google Asistant in device support. That could well change in the near future.


Source: PocketLint, 9to5macForbes
Image credit: Apple