DiGi iFleet

DiGi is getting into the IoT business with the launch of iFleet.

iFleet is an in-house solution developed by DiGi. It provides companies the ability to track and manage their commercial vehicles via a GPS tracker. One of the advantages for companies who opt for the iFleet solution is that DiGi will provide a complete solution in terms of hardware, software and connectivity.

Track using PC or mobile.


Interested parties can sign up at the iFleet website at a monthly rate of RM90 per vehicle.


“I will folllow you…r vehicles”

It is pretty exciting to see DiGi venturing into the IoT space. Seeing that DiGi is a telecommunications company, it is no surprise that they are leveraging their network capabilities for their iFleet offering.

For more info head over to the iFleet website.
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Source: iFleet, Digital News Asia
Image credit: iFleet