Essential Home hopes to be the solution for a unified smart home.

A new player enters the ring. Essential, a company started by Andy Rubin has a tall ambition ahead in an almost crowded smart home market. And if just in case you weren’t aware, Andy Rubin is the father of the Android Operating System.

That already tells a lot as to what he’ll bring to the table.

One of the products that has been revealed from Essential is a smart home device called Home. It runs on the operating system named Ambient OS. In terms of looks, the only thing to mention is that it has a round display.

Actually, think of the Nest thermostat and you’ll have a rough idea. Currently, there aren’t any specs available but the website highlights 3 points; Auto-display of relevant info, glows for at-a-glance updates and displays contextual information. In terms of interoperability it will support SmartThings, HomeKit, Nest, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. (Please take my money!)

Essential Home is expected to be released later this year.

For a bit of background on Essential, do check out WIRED’s article.
For more details on Essential Home, head over to the product page at Essential.


Source: Essential, The Verge, WIRED