Amazon launches Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show

What do you get when you add an Amazon Echo and a display screen? The answer is the Echo Show. Measuring 7.4″ in length, 3.5″ in depth, and 7.4″ in height, the Echo Show is the latest Alexa assistant from Amazon. At first glance, it looks like a tablet with speaker grills beneath. Available in black and white, the Echo Show will definitely fit seamlessly to any home. The display is a touchscreen and the speakers are powered by Dolby for enhanced audio playback.



Expect everything you can do with the current Echo models to be done also with Echo Show.
The only additional value for users is the 7″ display. This display adds another level of interactivity where you can make video calls, see news and information, view album art and song lyrics, view photos and even watch videos.

One of the notable features is Alexa Calling and Messaging. Anyone with an Echo/Show device or the Alexa app is able to make calls or send messages for free. This feature is already available even though the information in the Amazon website says coming soon.

With the Alexa Calling and Messaging feature, users are also able to ‘drop in’. Drop In is a feature which allows you to connect with close friends and family. Once they have granted you access, all you have to say is ‘Alexa, drop in on (name) ‘. The receiver will receive a video call and can choose to start the conversation with video or voice only.

For more details on Echo Show head over to Amazon.


Price and Availability

The price for a unit is USD$229.99 (RM999). Amazon is having a promotion where if you purchase 2, you get USD$100 (RM430) off. The Echo Show is available to pre-order on the Amazon website. Sales start on June 28, 2017.

Unfortunately Echo Show doesn’t ship to Malaysia. However, I am certain you readers are a tech savvy bunch and know how to improvise.


Source: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon