Expect to see flic in Malaysia soon

Flic, the bluetooth button that does just about everything is expected to be available in retail and online stores here by end of June 2017.

This was made possible with the signing of EG Industries Bhd with Shortcut Labs AB from Sweeden in May 2016. With the agreement, EG Industries has become the sole manufacturer and distributor of the button in Asia.

Flic started as a very successful Indiegogo project and since then has gone on to be widely popular, supporting 1000 devices and more.


Price and Availability

A representative from SMT Technologies (a member of EG Industries) has mentioned that the pricing will be positioned close to current retail prices in the US, minus the shipping cost to Malaysia.

Can’t wait till June 2017? Head on to flic and start purchasing! Shipping to Malaysia is USD$15.


Source: The Edge Markets
Image credit: SMT Technologies, Flic