Garmin announces a new smart home app for Connect IQ

Last week Garmin held its first Connect IQ summit at its headquarters in Kansas City, US. And amongst the announcements made was the reveal of a new app by Samsung. You guessed it; the SmartThings app.



How it works is fairly simple. First your watch first syncs with your smartphone. Then using your smartphone’s Wifi or data connection, SmartThings app on your watch controls the smart devices.

It does come with a caveat. In dealing with the screen size limitation on watches, the app’s user interface does away with you controlling individual devices. Instead, what you create are Routines. It is where you set an action to a group of devices. For example: Creating a routine called ‘Goodnight’ may switch off your living room lights.

How is this different from just using my smartphone? How does using a watch bring added value?

As the above video shows it could be that you’re out for your run in the evening. And as it gets dark you want the lights turned in your home. You could use your phone and trigger the command via the Samsung Smart Things app. For most that would mean first taking the phone out from the armband or pocket. To some this may seem trivial but to other this extra step could disrupt their rhythm.

Using the watch cuts out that step. You would just have to glance at your watch and trigger the actions through there.



The app is available now to download from the Connect IQ store. Just search for Samsung SmartThings. Do note that the SmartThings app only works on Connect IQ supported devices. So check out the Garmin website for the full list.


For more details on Garmin and Connect IQ, head over to DC RAINMAKER


Source: DC RAINMAKER, Garmin